Wednesday, October 23, 2002


Recently a young comics dude from Tasmania sent me a couple of his comix. They looked interesting no doubt about it, but the thing was they were so damn tiny I couldn't read them: A6 (half the size of SICK PUPPY) and each page contained around 20 tiny panels. It was frustrating, I'll admit. Further, one of 'em also contained two pages of virtually microscopic writing (a good sign, this, that tells me here is another *obsessive type*), which I enlarged 200%, and thus (barely) managed to read. Anyway, I wrote to this fellow ES. James and explained the problem, as I saw it, with the size of his productions. Next thing I know he mailed me a copy of his new comic book in a special large (A4) format which I could easily read. And here I might point out that I'm not a reader of LARGE PRINT BOOKS; my eyes can see just fine. Well, I was impressed with this FENGB #6, subtitled MILKBLEEDER. Then shortly afterwards I received a copy of his CAPN'S SCHEMES reprint which was very funny, as the Capn's "schemes" invariably involve retarded, hilarious schemes to score "free handjobs" (joining the Cap'n on these quests is his young TinTin-lookalike friend). One means to this end that the Cap'n comes up with is to make a cardboard video game machine with three holes cut out on the front panel; the Capn' jumps inside and pops his cock and balls through the holes and simply waits for somebody to come up and "have a go". (A funny thing Mr James points out on his website is that after releasing these stories originally, everybody assumed he was gay). Does this sound like ridiculously juvenile humour? Well, whatever, and who cares? It's executed with skill and really very funny and I found myself reading through the entire book in one go. I'll be plugging these titles again in ATOMISER #1 and I've invited ES. James to contribute to that issue whatsmore.