Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Important Redirection!

This site will close down imminently! Please bookmark this site http://blackguard23.livejournal.com/ to follow the progress of new comix zine anthology Blackguard (successor to the legendary Sick Puppy Comix!), the death(?) of Stratu and ascendancy of twin brother Max Black!

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Blackguard Update!

An update on the Blackguard front: one of my old contributors has elected to come aboard! Since we last worked together he has changed his name to Hugo (but here's a hint: he did the Popeye cover for SP#12)! Check out more of his stuff here.
Also, this morning I received a reply from Doug Iannucci (that creator of the wonderful and heartwarming Stan and Edna Nats) who proclaimed his great joy that I was launching a brand new comix zine anthology wingding, and that he would produce and send a contribution during his imminent vacation in sunny Rhode Island!
Yes! Everything is coming together magnificently!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Our new comix zine anthology has a name! Blackguard. I've loved that word for a long time, you see, and it seems to fit perfectly, since the intent and format will be a progression on that of Sick Puppy and Atomiser. Plus I intend to track down many of my old contributors. That's one of the next steps. Also need to find out if the Newcastle zine festival is on again later this year, since I've missed the last three or four years, and the aim is to have the first issue out for that, and to launch it there.

Update: Yep, found out that the Newcastle zine fair (part of the NYWF) is on Sunday 5 October 2008, which means I'll probably have to set the deadline for contributions to Blackguard #1 for 31 August. What! How the fuck is that possible?! OMFG, that's like six freakin' weeks or something. Well, I better do the fuckin' hustle then, eh?

Update 2: I've been going through the folder of stuff that folks sent in for Atomiser 2, with the 'father' theme, and most of it is so damn good I figure if I don't follow through with it I must surely stick a big knife in my stomach and rip it out of my side in utter shame and disgrace, so the idea is to publish that between Blackguard 1 and 2. Gods! I am a GENIUS!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Comix Zine Anthology Announcement!

I've been thinking about this for months now, getting revved up more and more. And you know what? It's time to put together another comix zine anthology. After Sick Puppy (which went from shitness to greatness (not only my opinion, there) in six years, over thirteen issues) then Atomiser, which never really went anywhere, since I only put out one fucking issue, because I had my own big 'issue', years have passed and I have been treading water with a thumb up my arse, to put it one way. To put it another way, I miss doing a comix zine anthology. So goddamn it it's time to git back on the damn saddle, boy.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bus Jerk

I was on the bus today and there was an idiot talking loudly on his phone so the whole damned bus could hear his idiotic conversation. At one point he said, "I don't really like to make plans. I like for plans to make themselves." That has to be the most idiotic, meaningless statement I have heard in a very long time. Then he was talking about some chick he was seeing, "I don't think it's gonna work out with Grace," he said. "It's just not flowing." There's another dumb idiot retard statement right there, see? What a fucking asshat.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Kapreles On Flickr

My old pal Kapreles now has a Flickr page with a whole bunch of his drawings available for your inspection. Some of his stuff is funny, some not so funny, but maybe because you don't understand it (but maybe neither does he!) Why not go take a peep anyway?

Kapreles Drawings