Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Night With Theresa

I had quite a mad night, an eventful night last Friday night. Anders had invited me over so I took my bicycle to work and rode over there at the end of the workday. He's staying at his boss's place in Redfern again. He used to live in the swimming pool there a while back. He's not in the swimming pool anymore, but sort of building a little room out the back of the house (it's quite a mad, strange house..) So I went out there and we played some CDs and had some ciders, and played the drums (he recently bought a drumkit. It's great, I've always wanted to play drums. I'm getting pretty good at it.) We were slowly getting happier and sillier. Then he asked me if I didn't mind his girl friend (Cheryl) coming over, I said, "Hell no, that's alright." She's Aboriginal - a big, Gothic-looking Aboriginal woman. She's a social worker and lives down in Nowra but regularly comes into the city to visit friends/family in Redfern I think. So she was OK, and interesting to talk to, for the most part. Then Theresa came over. I'd met her once before there. Theresa is, uh, it's probably too simple to cal her mad, although she kind of is. It's also hard to follow what she's talking about, but I found her fascinating. Actually, I really fell under her spell. Anders and Cheryl were in another part of the house, and all of a sudden Theresa and I were hugging each other. I told her I wanted to kiss her. I must have been quite drunk by that time. I guess she didn't want to get into the kissing stuff, but that was OK. I just remember thinking, "Well, she's holding me and can feel my body, I'm probably not as big and muscular as she had hoped." Or something like that. We sat down, then got up and hugged some more. It was very strange. Soon after that Anders and Cheryl returned and everything went back to normal. It was about 4.30am by that time so I decided I had better get going home, so I announced to everybody that I was going. In fact, Theresa left at that time too, and got in her car ready to drive away. I pedalled off on my bicycle, all over the street. I kept looking back to see if Theresa was driving up, and I was kind of glad I made it to the end of the street before she drove up that far. I turned the corner and pedalled homewards, having to close one eye, I was really seeing double. I swear I almost hit half a dozen poles on the way home. I had to slow right down a few times, that's how drunk I was. It was cold too, but I was more worried about hitting something. Well, I got home safely and went straight to bed and fell asleep immediately.

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