Friday, May 05, 2006

My Bicycle Was Stolen

After work today I rode up to the pub on Broadway and chained my bike to a pole outside the pub and went inside. A bit later Chris came in and we had some beers and talked and caught up since I hadn't seen him for months. We had a good time drinking beer and talking about all kinds of stuff, then it was time to go. We walked outside and Chris was going up to get the bus and I said well I got my bike it's just here, but when I looked over at the pole I chained it to there was just the pole there and no bike. Some scoundrel had made off with my bicycle! I made a joke about it to Chris, saying did I really put it here? Yes this was the very spot, no doubt about it! and pointed dramatically. Maybe I should have been upset, but I wasn't very upset at all. My bike was stolen, that was all. So what. It was kind of funny even. And it was surprising because I thought the worst that would happen would be that somebody may have knocked it over and it would be on the ground, but still chained to the pole, like I see bikes in the city all the time. But gone it was, really not there any more, completely vanished, and disappeared. There was nothing to be done but walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus. At least I still had my silver helmet. I can get another bike, but I don't think I could find another helmet like this one.


CA said...

Bummer about your bike!

You being a reader who really enjoys a good story, I think you would enjoy, "East of the Mountains," by David Guterson. When I was driving long line and had a bunch of time on my hands, I listened to a lot of Books on Tape and this book was one of them.
I remember it well because, when I stopped for a break, I was always anxious to return to driving so I could resume listening to the story.

It is a bit tamer than some you write about but it's very entertaining and ends well.

Stratu said...

Thanks for the tip, CA. I'll check it out if I see it in the library.