Monday, June 26, 2006

The 50 Worst Video Game Names Of All Time

Someone Set Up Us The Crappy Video Game Name dept.

The 50 Worst Video Game Names Of All Time


cartelboss72 said...

Hello Stratu, how are ya? Rick here from Sepsis 'zine - long time no speak or hear, hey? Have been trying like a mutha to find your email address, wanted to get copies of Atomiser. I ran out of toilet paper, and then Sick Puppy pages, so I need something! Worst Video Games Names is classic, great laugh and nostalgia. Reminds me of the imaginative days when Hanimex came up with "Pong". Check out also Worst Album Covers with such classics as "Swing That Gospel Axe". Please email for details on how to obtain Atomiser - Cheers pap smears!

Stratu said...

Hey Rick, good to hear from you. I remember the afternoon with you and Dann Lennard in that Newtown pub - there's no way they will ever let us back THERE! Haw!
I don't think I have any Atomisers left. I will check it out tonight and email you back.