Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thank You For Smoking

Two days ago I went and saw Thank You For Smoking. It was pretty good, but I wonder if anybody else noticed that not one person could be seen actually smoking a cigarette in the movie. Ha ha. That's amusing isn't it? A movie about cigarettes and no cigarettes in the movie? Eh? Eh? (Although you do get a scene where the main character is staring at his empty cigarette pack.)
William H. Macy was in the movie. (I have to see every movie he appears in... one of my life goals, you might say.) Robert Duvall was in the movie, and some trivia here for you: Did you know that the band Smoking Popes broke up when lead singer and songwriter Josh Caterer had a Born Again experience, but he later reformed the band as Duvall? Named after Robert Duvall's performance in the movie The Apostle.
Sam Elliott was also in the movie. I remember him mainly for his part as The Stranger in The Big Lebowski. Elliott plays the Marlboro Man who got cancer and was screwed over by the tobacco company.
The movie had some very funny moments, and got big laughs from many in the theatre. It seems that it was about time such a movie was made, especially for people like me who are sick of the anti-smoking lobby.
The movie will also appeal to enemies of the 'Nanny State'.
Thank You For Smoking is thus wholeheartedly recommended to my dear readers.


Djangalaang said...

Yeah it would be great if people would just let corporations do as they please. Why do they always have to be fucking with their right to exploit people? Let's start a lobby to support production of toxic consumer products. Oh shit, I just woke up and realized that there are already hundreds of them, and since they have billions of dollars more (supported by the corporations producing said toxic consumables) than the lobbyists that don't want poisonous products being sold (what a stupid idea), it doesn't seem like the cigarette companies need much assistance from us. Until people start bombing their offices - then maybe they will stop fucking over the public.


Stratu said...

Corporations? Screw them too, they can go to hell along with the anti-smoking lobbyists.
Thanks for reminding me about those assholes!

Aaron said...

Silent Hill's out... you must be pretty psyched, huh?

Stratu said...

You bet I'm psyched :] I was wacked with the flu all last week so I couldn't see it, but I'm seeing it tomorrow for sure, and will write about it here.