Tuesday, August 07, 2007


[Language warning! I use some swear words below, but only because I felt the situation demanded it.]

Note: Elaborate on this after work:
Anybody who uses these tired old turds fucking gets it:
They will say something like, "I told him in no uncertain terms."
Then, they will say something like, "I would assume so."
[Die, cunt.]

Later, at home...

I know some of you are still checking in here once in a while. Konichiwa!

What that earlier thing was about - I overheard one of the people I work with say, "And I told him in no uncertain times.. blah blah.." She starts a sentence with that idiotic old turd about two times a week. Almost every poor jerk she talks to must have been told in no uncertain terms. Every time I hear it I want to throw my friggin stapler at her head and shout, "Change the fuckin' record, willya?!"

In no goddam fuckin'uncertain friggin' terms, DUDE. I WOULD ASSUME SO!

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