Friday, May 23, 2008

To An Ex

Did I watch Origin? Good grief. You're still a big sports dag, I see. No I didn't watch the footie. One of my facebook friends wrote something like "Go the blues!" which I think is such a retarded statement. The whole thing is idiotic if you ask me. Going bananas over sporting teams. My friend The J Man wrote the best line on that when he said, "These people who spend all weekend watching sports. The only excuse must be that they have completely memorised the Bible..." He's somewhat of an extreme Christian, so it was funny.
Anyway, my mother goes bananas over the tennis still, so I just say whatever, if you like that sort of thing go for it, but I'll take an afternoon with my nose in a book thanks (or a video game, or movie, or even dusting, or cleaning the toilet).
But having said that, you won't find a bigger fan of women's synchronised swimming, or gymnastics.
And yes, I do cook in my microscopic galley kitchen. I like to pretend I'm on a boat. It's cosy!

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