Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Jerk Couldn't Kill Me

Thought he could get rid of me, did he? He'll have to do better than that! Ha!
And he's welcome to the comix, just as long as he doesn't make a total mess of it all (which is definitely probable, heh heh). I guess he learnt enough about the biz when he was my Minister of Propaganda back in the day, or I hope he did for his sake, the rotten bastard. Anyway, the arrangement couldn't be better as far as I'm concerned. The heat is off me now, so I can get back to my beloved video games without any annoying guilt trips and all that stuff! Ding dong.


girl said...

testing. testing. testicleing.

girl said...

aha, it worked! stratu!!!!! it is i, simon james!!!! the laziest mother fucker in the world! i can't write letters anymore, it is too hard.... god i've been meaning to contact you for so long! i totally suck.... .... am living in london at the moment with my girlfriend, jess. i broke up with donna forever ago and moved to melbourne and lived in my friend's shed, rent free. i met jess the love of my life and she moved to london for study and i had to follow. i miss grant, my best friend though, and he has fucking cystic fibrosis and may die soon (he fucking better not).... been working on the 3rd chapter of girl mountain which is 162 pages long and being in an art collective (myspace,com/hypercolorcastle), playing gigs, riding bikes, trying not to grow up, avoiding real jobs etc...... and now i am getting used to living in expensive freezing london where everyone is snobby and it is impossible to get gigs..... am very excited to discover you are planning another anthology! "woooo!"... you don't seem to have posted for a while... did it not happen? hmmmm... perhaps email me at xoxoxoxxoxo