Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Teacher Gets Pay Cut For Putting Chalk In Yawning Student’s Mouth

Wednesday 29th July, 08:14 AM JST

KOCHI — The head teacher at a public elementary school in Kochi Prefecture had his salary cut by 10% for three months after putting chalk in a student’s mouth, it was learned Tuesday following an announcement from the Kochi Prefectural Board of Education.

The male teacher in his 50s put chalk in a boy’s mouth on June 24, after warning the class that he would do so to the next student who yawned. The boy is said to have told the teacher that he didn’t mind and opened his mouth, and the teacher put the chalk around 3 centimeters long in the boy’s mouth for a couple of seconds. The boy was absent from school the next day and only turned up to school four more days before classes finished for the summer break.

The teacher has apologized and pledged to do better in the future.
- Japan Today

[I think the boy is a big crybaby. He said he didn't mind, probably to impress his fellow students, but obviously once he realised the chalk wasn't very tasty and he may look rather foolish instead of cool, he runs crying to mummy and daddy. I'm on the teacher's side on this one! - Stratu]


Mr. Beautiful said...

That teacher screwed up, plain and simple. Anybody knows you just lob the chalk at the student in a parabolic trajectory. I've perfected this technique over the years.

Stratu said...

I guess they just do things different in Japan, Mr Beautiful. Personally, if I was a teacher I would employ your technique. I'd spend the entire class hoping a student would misbehave so that I could practice my chalk-throwing skills.