Friday, September 18, 2009

Sultry Sally Sweet Chilli & Lime Potato Chips

Sultry Sally found my blog post about her chips and offered to send me some of her new improved potato chips, so last week I got a box of them! Thanks Sally! I sent the packet of Salt & Vinegar chips to my friend Mr Beautiful to review (because he commented on that blog post). He lives in the US. Like me, he loves salt & vinegar chips too but I sent that packet to him because it was a small one, and the only other small one was a plain Sea Salt flavour, and only my brother and mother likes plain ol' salt chips.
Anyway, his review will be forthcoming. Meanwhile, tonight I tried the Sweet Chilli and Lime chips. Also tonight my girlfriend phoned me and made a comment on the Sultry Sally poster I have on my wall to remind me to review them. (Well, that's one of the reasons.) She said that on her way out this afternoon she was looking at that poster and noticed where it said "95% Fat-Free Chips" but the 'C' was scribbled over. She pointed ut that this was designed to appeal to women. I hadn't noticed it and admitted taht it was a pretty clever move on Sally's part. Girlfriend also pointed out that Sally also appealed to men because of the *hot* women who adorned each packet. I had to agree with that because that was what made me buy them in the first place. It is easily the coolest chip packet design I have ever seen. Plus you gotta love those classic cheesecake girls - like they painted on the side of fighter planes, and the kind painted on Hannah's pie shop next to my workplace (Hannah's make the pies for Sydney's iconic Harry's Cafe de Wheels pie joints). I will buy more Sultry Sally chips, and especially the Salt & Vinegar chips (Mr Beautiful, I am really looking forward to your review!). I understand there must be some scarifice going down to 95% fat-free chips. Anyway, the thing about eating salty snacks like that is, at least for me, you usually hit 'em after a few beers. So long as you're eating some kind of salty treat you're a happy chappy. Beer nuts. Chips. Pretzels. Give it to me, baby. I'm yours and you are mine. And me, I would rather eat chips out of a packet featuring the delightful Sally caressing chilli peppers, limes, vinegar botles, salt shakers, etc. than a boring old Smith's packet featuring a gigantic chip on a pink background, or whatever it is. It's so boring I can't even remember.
I love you, Sally. Drown me in your salty low-fat potato chip love.


Mr. Beautiful said...

Stratu: I look forward tosampling Sultry Sally's wares. I'll keep the empty package when I'm through. Mr. Beautiful, food critic.

Mr. Beautiful said...

O.K., my review follows:

Before I even open the package, I must take the time to admire it. The logo shows an impossibly long legged, large breasted, and narrow waisted woman who could be taken for a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, leaning against a giant salt shaker and holding a giant bottle of malt vinegar (though only one fourth the size of the salt shaker). This, I take it, is Sultry Sally herself. We read that the chips contain "only 5% fat on average," with an asterisk attached. Since this asterisk does not match up with any other asterisk, the phrase's meaning remains unknown. We read further that the 45 grams of chips are new and improved (what isn't?), baked not fried, gluten free, preservative free, and made with sunflower and olive oil. On the back of the package is printed the usual rundown of ingredients and nutritional information, but we also get a personal note fron Sultry Sally herself, with a the lipsticked impression of a kiss adorning her signature. The first sentence reads, "A little zing is always a good thing, but bling is even better!," a slogan I am sure will catch on Down Under and eventually around the world.

When I opened the package, I detected the pleasant pungency of vinegar, so I was surprised to find no mention of either vinegar or acetic acid on the list of ingredients. I found the chips to be crunchy and very firm, which also surprised me since the chips aren't especially thick. Nonetheless, I like a little fight in my potato chips, and Sultry Sally's chips got it! To be honest, I thought they could have used more salt, but I ascribed this to the modern day world's obsessive phobia with sodium. Lastly, we come to the flavor (or flavour to you Aussies). I found it just a tad bit lacking. I felt neither that burst of potato goodness nor that tantalizing tinge of vinegar that I do so enjoy. In spite of this, I didn't think the chips were bad either, except that they had just a piddly bit too much of a starchy quality. I can understand that baked chips do not compare in flavor to fried chips, and this is the price we pay sometimes for eating healthy. I must rate these chips from the perspective of baked chips, and with this in mind, I would assign the grade of B. I would say, "Why not grab a bag and see for yourself?" One thing for sure, I'm keeping that damn package! Yours, Mr. Beautiful.

Sid Clark said...

Girlfriend? After reading a couple dozen posts filled with mookish yearning for random women on the bus or the street you casually let this drop. Is this the same as the Geri person you mentioned in the haikus in '07? Is it Jojo?

Stratu said...

Yeah that would have been Jojo.

Sid Clark said...

Geri, with the Classique jeans, was Jojo? Who was Mr. Muscles?

Will we ever know the true story of Stu and Jojo's love and how it all began?? Did you meet her reading a book on a bus, for example?

Sid Clark said...

I hope you didn't take my remark about your "mookish yearning" the wrong way.