Monday, January 02, 2017

Haikus [July 2007]

I was trying to find something in my Gmail but these haikus I had written back in 2007 came up instead. I wrote them at work for a girl I had a crush on at the time. [Shout out to Geri, wherever she is...]

Bright colour stickers.
Making files looks like child's play.
Almost fruit time. 

Friday the thirteenth.
Stay away from Crystal Lake.
Be nice to black cats.

Watching Blade Runner.
Replicants live just four years.
Must live fast die young. 

Those zombies attack.
My arsenal is awesome.
I bring the bloodbath.

See her on the bus.
She's always reading a book.
Others fade away.

Got a MySpace page?
How 'bout a fancy FaceBook?
M3 h4rdc0r3 bl0993r.

Freaking cold winter.
Geri, let's build a snowman.
My nose just fell off.


Cummfuckcius said...
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Stratu said...

She was one in a bazillion.