Saturday, January 22, 2005


I went to a huge festival by the sea. I was part of a large group of people and we were celebrating. I soon became separated from them, and spent most of my time wandering around, feeling uncomfortable. Why am I always sweating and feeling uncomfortable? I saw two girls, they were laughing, holding hands. Later I saw two clones of them - their faces were identical. I wondered if they were some kind of clever masks.
Later I realised I had lost my bag. As I looked for it I became increasingly worried, really sick with concern that I might not find it, since it contained my Personal Book. What would I do if I lost it? As I walked into one room I had been in earlier, some guys who were moving an enormous mixing desk dropped it and it crashed loudly and heavily against the opposite wall and floor. I ducked back behind the doorway for some reason, hiding, like I was resonsible. I went back outside and continued looking for my bag. There were people and bags everywhere. Along a fence I saw dozens, maybe hundreds of bags. I was thinking, maybe I'll never find it. But I had to. Then I saw it! Could it be? I checked the contents and sure enough, it was my bag. I did it kind of dramatically so anybody watching could see it was really mine and that I wasn't stealing somebody else's bag. Why did I do that?
Well, the good news was that I found my bag, but something terrible happened right then. My teeth started falling out. Big chunks at a time. They didn't even look like teeth, but for sure they were my own teeth, and they were coming out of my mouth. They just kept coming, these big chunks. I said something aloud and I sounded like Donald Duck.
But then I looked at my hand and there was nothing in it. I felt my mouth and my teeth were still there. What an enormous relief! Some imagination I have, to see my teeth coming out like that!
I went home then, forgetting everything, and everybody, just glad to have my bag and my teeth.

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