Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Writer's Block Experiment

Idea: To take a paragraph from a random novel and gradually alter it, piece by piece, to come up with one unrecognisable to that of the source.

Started with this:

'He went into the auditorium, which was small, under a very high black ceiling, with steeply raked seating up to the right from the entrance, the stage to the left. There was no curtain fronting the stage, and the set was a busy one, a living room and a kitchen and a staircase, lots of furniture and lots of doors. The stage lights were off, so that the set was faintly mysterious and faintly threatening.'
- from 'The Hook' by Donald E. Westlake

Ended with this:

'He went into the bathroom, which was small. The ceiling was dripping with slime, and the smell made him gag. The toilet was covered with a sick rainbow of colour. There was no toilet paper, and the floor was busy with creeping and crawling things. It struck him as incomprehensible that creatures could exist in such filth, but there they were, going about their mysterious existence in this foul pit.'
- from 'Writer's Block Experiment' by Stratu

Conclusion: This might be another strategy to overcome writer's block. Making a game of writing (like The J Man's idea of writing dialogue) is a potentially effective strategy for those afflicted with this crippling condition, and at the very least, the participant is engaged in the act of writing and the employment of his imagination.


CA said...

"He went into the dining room which was spacious and homey.The chandelier above the table was equipped with four lights, spaced equally apart in a circle. The table was oval and the chairs were all Captains Chairs, making it impossible to tell which was the masters' seat. The room was interesting."

CA said...

Hey, kid, I hope you're all right. Haven't seen you on here for a while.

Stratu said...

I'm still frozen at the bottom of the lake. You don't happen to have a chisel, by any chance?

CA said...

You can borrow Chico the Wonder Dogs' ice pick