Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Extreme Attack!

I had a halfday yesterday. Did I go to the movies? Do you remember when I used to go to the movies and then write about it? Do you remember when I used to write in here? Anyway, no I did not go to the movies, I went straight home and continued playing Baten Kaitos. Last year I stoppped at the 25-hour point and I can't remember why. Why did I stop that time? Was it because of the terrible voice acting? No, I grew to love that, especially at times like when Lyude uses a healing item on himself and says 'This is for you!', and when Xelha warns the monsters: "Watch out! I'm not so innocent!'
The picture above is Lyude doing his special Concerto attack. As he says when he does this: "Extreme attack! Concerto!"


CA said...

It's strange how one can miss things about which he has little or no actual personal knowledge; only blurbs and bits of information from someone else from someplace down-under. Such as 'the mysterious book-reading lady...'uuuh...?...(or the bitch)

Stratu said...

Thanks CA. I think I just needed a break or something. I'm all hyped up again to post stuff here.