Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunshine: 1 Technology: 0

I went on a big adventure today walking around the place - it was a big adventure for me because usually on the weekends I never leave my room (anxiety, and all that jazz) and only go outside on very short missions for essential supplies, then hurry back. But today it was sunny and I read in the newspaper recently that sunshine is good for seasonal affective disorder (which I don't think I have because I can feel the same way in the middle of summer, ha ha!) and since I usually stay in this small dark room all weekend I thought I would try it. (I! I! I! Oh my God am I using too many I's again?! You see I will never escape fear of that criticism!) Anyway it did me a lot of good, I think. I think. I do, I am the one who thinks that. I. Me, that is. Anyway, it did work and I actually felt pretty good. I took lots of photos too, and sat near the duckpond in the park outside Fox Studios and watched a man come and feed the ducks. I took a photo of him and wanted to post it here, but guess what? My stupid phone won't download into the computer, it just makes the computer restart itself. It did that in the beginning, then my brother reinstalled the software and it worked, but now it's up to its old tricks again. (If you are in the market for a mobile phone, beware of the Nokia 6280 because it's a piece of buggy shit, from my experience.) Foiled by technology yet again! So I have all these photos but I can't show them to you because of cruel technology. Foiled by tiny communication robots! Oh well. I could try to reinstall the software, but I'm too depressed to try it now. It's very complicated. My digital camera is not that complicated - why does phone software have to be so complicated?

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