Friday, October 06, 2006

Ad Uses Sex To Sell Product

I am disgusted at this jeans company using sex to sell their product? This billboard ad is offensive - it features a young woman in a sexualised pose, with a lollypop. Why have sexy people in ads? It inflames lust and encourages dissatisfaction with one's body shape. Let's have ugly people, going to the toilet, or hair in curlers (or both at the same time), with puffed up face following night of heavy drinking, or along those lines.
View more of these disgusting good-looking people here (not the tattooed photographer guy - he is an ugly motherfucker. Get your filthy hands off her, you sleazy junkie!):

Offensive Sexploitation Lolita Jeans Ad With Sleazy Junkie Photographer

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CA said...

I clicked on "Gallery" and, boy, was I offended. I might get offended again later on tonight.