Tuesday, October 03, 2006


I didn't go to the movies today. The school holidays started this week and during these times the cinemas are packed, the ticket lines go out to the street, and it's a scene that I prefer to stay well clear of. There's mostly school holiday fare there anyway, so it's no big deal. Who wants to see Garfield 2 anyway?
Last week I did go to the movies but didn't write about it here. I saw Miami Vice and it was so long and mostly a snorefest that I didn't feel like writing about it. The only cool part was the big shoot-out action scene near the end, so if you go see it, take your alarm clock and set it for about 80 minutes into the movie so you can wake up and watch the big shoot-out, and listen to the excellent gun sounds. The audio department here gets my congratulations, as does Mr Michael Mann for his direction of the shoot-out. Alas, the movie was a sad step down in quality from his other fine work, such as Heat and Collateral.
If anybody wondered why I haven't been writing much here lately (besides the usual excuses of laziness, anxiety and depression) it is because I quit the cigs nine days ago. It's the third time I've tried to quit, the other two times I never made it past the first seven days, but those times I wasn't really serious about it.
Anyway, I'll get back to writing in here. One problem I had was the belief that I couldn't write anything without cigarettes. (Some readers might point out that I couldn't write anything even with cigarettes. Haw!) But, since I still have beer, it just might be possible.


J C said...

I hope you won't mind this revelation. My wife and I both quit smoking after 38 years of what we thought was an addiction. We had 'tried' many times before. This time it was easy. I was a pack a day smoker and she was a constant smoker. (3 to 5 packs a day) She had cancer surgery and, after the operation was told by the doctor she might die from pneumonia if she smoked right after the surgery. She did anyhow and got pneumonia (back to the hospital) and almost died. That's when it got easy. She trashed 'em and so did I. We found that if there is no option except death, it is easy. No shakes, no anxiety or any of the other things that are supposed to happen when one 'tries' to quit. We did gain weight. It turned out to be about 98% mental. It's the difference in "trying to quit" and "quitting." We found there is no such thing as "trying to quit" smoking. You either are a smoker or are not a smoker. I hope this helps. Good luck.

J C said...

PS That was 19 years and 8 months ago. (and twenty pounds)

Stratu said...

Hey JC, thanks for your story. Sounds like your wife was real lucky. 3 to 5 packs a day? I can't even imagine smoking that much.
When I quit I was only smoking 10 a day, or 20 on weekends. Still insanely hard at times, those moments where it just seems logical and necessary that you have a smoke.
Thanks again.

Brooklyn Blowhard said...

Speaking of movies, make sure you check out "The Departed". A must see!

Stratu said...

Thanks, Blowhard. I was just reading an interview with Scorcese and DiCaprio about this movie. It opens in Sydney this week. It's next on my list!