Monday, December 18, 2006

RIP Van Smith

I just read in the newspaper that Van Smith died. He was the guy who created Divine's frightening look. You probably already saw Divine, at least in the John Waters movie Pink Flamingos (1972). That was the one with the infamous dogpoop-eating scene. That's dedication for you! The chicken scene also upset a lot of people, but as Mr Waters admitted in his defence, at least they ate the chicken afterwards.

Anyway, here's a quote from Van Smith about his make-up philosophy:

"I like to start with a freshly-scrubbed face. First I apply pimples made out of eyelash glue, and if they have any natural glow, I throw dirt on their face as a good base. Then I draw on blackheads, pencil on any age lines, shadow severe bags under their eyes, and crack their entire complexion by letting egg white dry on their skin."


CA said...

Stratu, I wish I could do as you asked last year and put a Santa hat on Chico the Wonder Dog but, as you know, he has gone to Doggie Heaven. I'll bet, though, he is watching us and probably has a Santa hat he got from God and has it on right now!

Merry Christmas to you and I hope you have a prosperous and happy New Year. Jim and Donna

Brooklyn Blowhard said...

John Waters is a genius, period. Have a Happy 2007, my Aussie buddy!