Sunday, January 14, 2007

Gamrz Tataly Rulz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

no this is about the WORST PS2 games of all time theres a fine line betawen games that suck and games that you dont like its like compereig an apple to a bana some will hate the apple and others will like the bana or the other way around its not to say that the apple sucks or the bana sucks . worst PS2 game of all time DMC2 i finshed it and it was boring and dull driver3 played the dmao kind of like it but i was exspecting better looking gameplay the getaway 2 it was rushed had inporvments but the story was bad i complted it thegetaway 1 had a good story it was hard but fun a lot said they hated it and that it sucked but it didnt most of thos users weret able to beat the game . spider man 2 i had high hops for it after the 1st one but it just looked bad i played it finshed it it got a bit boring along the way to short it sucked but its mainly due to high sores that made me hate it now a lot of users like FF games i like the storys in them and the looks but find the games boring and dont like playing them i suck at playing them but there not bad games you see theres heeps of users that come in and say a game sucked when it was becze they werent able to beat it or it was boring to long when yet it got a high sore XIII was a good game they said in a prviw that it was a cartroon and they intened it to be that way cz they wanted a comic style if you dont like comics then dont buy it get some thing else i got it cz i liked the ida of a comic i beat the game .so as you can see it comes down to do thes games suck ? a lot of them dont so plz think do they suck or is it just you ? now what is it you guys dont like about GOD OF WAR and XIII do you suck at playing them ? are they boring plz explin in detail ? one thing is for srue tho the MILT PLAYER in XIII dos suck but the game it slfe is good

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CA said...

Your prose, cute and clever! I was so enthralled, I read your post all the way through without understanding what it's about! 'yuk'