Thursday, January 18, 2007

AbsolutE Terror

I love this picture!

[For the record: I have no affiliation with Absolut Vodka. I believe in responsible consumption of alcohol [blatant lie]. If after viewing this image you develop an irresistible compulsion to drink vodka, go for it!]


CA said...

For the best beer in the world: pour a half shot of vodka in a 12 ounce glass of beer. 'Yumm!'

Anonymous said...

Your blog is pretty lame. Not everyone can be a writer. Do yourself a favour and close it.

Stratu said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the comment. In the spirit of giving advice, here's some for you - grow some testicles and stop posting on people's blogs anonymously. I may not be able to write, but at least I use my own name if I have some smartass thing to say to somebody.
Oh, and fuck you, too.