Thursday, October 20, 2005


It just ain't working. Nothing happening, not working. Why is it not working? I don't know but it is neither happening nor working for some reason. For some mysterious reason nothing is working and I do not know why. Scratching my head does no good so try something different, maybe that will work, but no that don't work either. Things are getting desperate! Shake and spin head, spin whole body around on chair and kick legs out. Try anything. Why not? Look at ceiling. Look at bookshelves. Piece of paper in pocket. Yet none of those seem to help either. Is there an answer? Of course there must be an answer somewhere, maybe I am looking in the wrong place. Let's look under the table. Nothing but layers of dust. Look in the kitchen drawer. Plastic bags and knives. They won't help. When did plastic bags and knives ever help anyway? What? Chair started squeaking but just as suddenly stopped. Was it the chair squeaking? I wasn't squeaking. Something was squeaking and it sounded like the chair. Man on radio talking but I don't hear what he says. What was that, radio man? Says you! ... I didn't hear what he said anyway. Now woman starts talking. They seem to be having a conversation. I sometimes have a conversation! It's all coming back. Sometimes I talk to some one and they say something back, and it goes along for a little while like that until one of us walks away. Then the other walks away, goes about his or her business. That's the way of a conversation - the mechanics of it, or the nuts and bolts of it, to put it another way. Well how about a conversation? OK let's try that, why not:

Me: Where is Boss? Did she go out?
Colleague: Yes, I think she went out, but I don't know where.
Me: Did she say anything?
Colleague: No, she didn't say anything just went out.
Me: So she just went out without saying anything?
Colleague: Yes, just like that.
Me: Well. How about that.
Colleague: Yes.
Me: I guess she is the Boss after all and doesn't have to tell us where she is going whenever she leaves the room.
Colleague: No, but we have to.
Me: Well I don't. Not always.
Colleague: You are a rebel.
Me: Yep. Sometimes I'll just walk out without even saying anything.
Colleague: Then Boss's head spins around wondering who walked in or out.
Me: Yeah and she sees nobody there but then notices that I am not there anymore, and thinks goddam it he just walked out without saying anything!
Colleague: You think you're pretty tough doing that do you?
Me: Yep. I'm a tough customer. I'll just walk out and not even say anything. I don't care.
Colleague: Oh you're a real tough customer.
Me: You better believe it.

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J C said...

Hey, kid, before there can be an answer, there has to be a question. Figure out the question and the answer will come to you.