Thursday, October 06, 2005

Stratu Comics?

Dare I even believe it for a minute? Dare I believe that some young talented prolific comics artist wants to make some of my bloggy ramblings into comics? I dare not! But he wrote to me and said how much he likes my stuff and wants to make comics out of it, yet it could be some trick! Did I read it right? Yes there it is, but could it ever happen? I have my doubts. And if I talk about it or write about it before it happens surely it will never happen and I will later find out it was all a cruel trick! So, now I've done it. How cruel to get some poor devil's hopes up that way! Monster! I only ever wanted to go about my simple life and obsess on these women craftily hiding the front cover of their books from my bloodshot eyes, and write about it, nothing more! I never imagined it could go beyond that, but somebody comes along and says he wants to make comics out of that stuff and gets my hopes up! Why did you have to do that! Will you even do that? It seems too good to be true, but yes there it is, in that letter! But why not, anyway? Why not my stuff? Do I not think my stuff has some merit that is not so easy to find in this vast mostly depressing bland and robotic blogosphere? Of course! Otherwise I would not continue with it. And why not my obsession with these mysterious women readers on public transport? Who else admits that kind of mad yearning obsession? Who has them? If they have them do they have the courage or lack of shame to write about them? Well, I don't mind humiliating myself, God knows I've spent enough years doing it. I don't care. It's true that I am at least half mad and an obsessive type, deeply flawed and don't mind if other people know all about it. So why not! Why the hell not anyway? Really, is it so surprising that somebody might want to make a comic out of that? No, not so surprising at all, when you think about it. Yet it is best not to let your hopes get too high, that's for sure, really is best to have a grim outlook that everything will fail in the end; good will turn to bad, sunshine will turn to stormclouds and hailstones that make big dents in your skull. It's the way things can go and often enough do, you really have to be ready for it, and steel yourself for the worst, the way I see it.


CA said...

Go for it! Whatta ya got to lose! The worse that could happen is someone pointing a finger at you and saying, "Gotcha!"

Stratu said...

The worse that could happen is I wake up to find it was only a cruel dream!