Thursday, July 17, 2008


Our new comix zine anthology has a name! Blackguard. I've loved that word for a long time, you see, and it seems to fit perfectly, since the intent and format will be a progression on that of Sick Puppy and Atomiser. Plus I intend to track down many of my old contributors. That's one of the next steps. Also need to find out if the Newcastle zine festival is on again later this year, since I've missed the last three or four years, and the aim is to have the first issue out for that, and to launch it there.

Update: Yep, found out that the Newcastle zine fair (part of the NYWF) is on Sunday 5 October 2008, which means I'll probably have to set the deadline for contributions to Blackguard #1 for 31 August. What! How the fuck is that possible?! OMFG, that's like six freakin' weeks or something. Well, I better do the fuckin' hustle then, eh?

Update 2: I've been going through the folder of stuff that folks sent in for Atomiser 2, with the 'father' theme, and most of it is so damn good I figure if I don't follow through with it I must surely stick a big knife in my stomach and rip it out of my side in utter shame and disgrace, so the idea is to publish that between Blackguard 1 and 2. Gods! I am a GENIUS!

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