Monday, December 10, 2007

Bus Brats

It was a sunny day and I felt good. I got on the bus and instantly heard bellowing. It was coming from a bunch of teenage idiots who took up the rear half of the bus. Empty booze bottles clanked on the floor whenever the driver hit the brakes. One of the kids noisily hawked up a gob of snot and spat on the floor. A bottle bumped into my foot and I picked it up and threw it at the snotty kid. He yelped and blood spurted out of his face. I laughed at that, then one of them shouted, "You fuckin' cunt!" and lunged at me. I swung my arm and sent him flying into a pole, one of those poles on the bus that has the button you push when you want to get off. The kid hit the floor and groaned. I stepped on his stomach and his eyes almost popped out. The other kids looked like they didn't know what to do next. That it might not be such a good idea to come at me like their friend did. I said, "You idiots are making too much noise. It's annoying, so you'd better shut up or get off the bus."
They shut up. A couple of them went to check on their friends.

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