Monday, December 31, 2007

Rogue Galaxy 60h02m12s

This morning at 2:00am I finished Rogue Galaxy. It was a big relief to finish it. The final boss battle was a very long and sometimes frustrating multi-part affair. I died once about twenty minutes into it because I didn't use healing items fast enough. A dumb mistake on my part that very nearly caused me to hurl the controller at the wall. It was about 1:00am but I didn't feel like I could sleep until I finished the damned thing, so I re-started. The whole thing ended up taking an hour and a half, although that included some long cutscenes.

The game didn't need to be so long if you ask me, since parts of dungeons were cut-and-pasted over and over in order to make the game longer, which often made them a chore to get through.

In summary, and sad to say, the game did not live up to my expectations (Level 5's last game was the excellent (and even longer, by the way) Dragon Quest VIII).

Although I don't regret the time I spent playing it, there's no way I would bother re-playing it. However, for JRPG fans it's definitely worth playing, with many enjoyable elements (for example the fast and fun real-time battle system, the high quality animation, and the character's Special Attacks, for example Kisala's Deadly Stench attack where she throws the smelly old sock - oh how I wish I could bring her in the next time my boss throws a tantrum).

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