Thursday, January 03, 2008

East West 101

Watching new Aussie TV shows can be a disappointing experience. It's even worse when you are Australian. Naturally we want our own productions to be good, not to suck.
A new sitcom on the ABC debuted recently, it was called The Librarians. I didn't even make it to the end of the first episode it was so lame. I wanted to like it because my friend who works in the library at work told everybody to watch it that night. But it was terrible, and I was glad my librarian friend never got around to asking me what I thought of it.
On the other hand, a new Aussie detective show popped up on SBS five weeks ago and it's excellent. It's called East West 101. The focus is on two Sydney detectives. One of them is Detective Zane Malik, a Muslim who became a cop after watching his father get shot in the head in a bungled grocery store hold-up. The father survived but with serious brain damage. The other is Detective Sgt Ray Crowley, whose son has recently died from a drug overdose. Crowley has a problem with Malik, since Malik no doubt reminds him of the Lebanese smack dealer who was responsible for selling Crowley's son the hot shot that killed him.
Anyway, each episode deals with a separate new case that is solved by the end, while Malik's and Crowley's issues develop from episode to episode.
The show is top class and essential viewing.
Next week is the final episode of the six-episode season. That seems damned short to me, for a TV series. What the hell? Oh well, that's life. The best things are always over too soon.

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