Tuesday, January 01, 2008

NY Resolution Fantasies

Happy New Year! to all my readers. One, two, three... Yep, you're all here. Good.
Anybody got any New Year resolutions? I'll bet you have been asked that before already, maybe more than once, and maybe you're sick of it. Or maybe not. Maybe you've got some good ones this year and wanna tell everybody. Well tell ME, go on! That's what the Comments button is for, after all.

As for me, quitting smoking is out this year. I'll continue smoking six or seven a day. I have tried quitting, but the fact is I enjoy the damned things too much.

Another one is... You can guess this one, it's not hard! That's right, writing in here on a more regular basis! OK stop rolling around the floor laughing your arses off. I know it's funny (like wishing for world peace), but it's true! I look back at how much I managed to write in 2005, something like half a million words or whatever it was. It sure felt like it. And they couldn't have been all bad. OK, mostly, but not all. Anyway, the main thing was how great I felt after writing a lot of that stuff. There may have been some delusion as to the quality some nights, but the main thing was that I felt like I had done something. "Something" meaning something more than eating or sleeping or watching TV. Or playing video games.

Plus, it's cool when somebody likes something you write. Even if it's only about your obsession with a woman who reads a book as she walks to work.

Anyway, either you know what I'm talking about or you think it's a load of self-indulgent bullshit. Of course, the latter may be true. But who cares? What the hell is wrong with a little self-indulgence anyway? Nothing, that's what.

That's all for now. More resolutions tomorrow! Maybe!

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