Thursday, January 17, 2008

Not On Her List

An ex-girlfriend called me at work the day before yesterday. It was right out of the blue. We made some small talk, whatever that is, then she asked me for my email address. That night when I checked my email I saw that she had composed an email right after she had hung up the phone. In it, she admitted that she "missed the old times", whatever that means. Maybe she has the 'seven-year-itch' you hear about. She's married and got two kids. Another funny things she wrote was that I'd had a big influence on her, a positive influence. She missed talking to me. That was interesting because near the end of our five-year relationship she enjoyed telling me how disgusting and harmful my comic (Sick Puppy) was, and that since I had been in the mail room at my place of work for so long, I was a loser, with no ambition, that kind of thing. (I can usually take the slings and arrows, but that really hit me in the guts.)
In my reply I happened to mention that I'm planning to visit Japan later in the year. And Scandinavia in a couple of years. She wrote back and wanted to know what was so hot about Japan. She figured that it was because, when we were together, I "liked manga and Asian chix". Maybe she thinks I'm going on a sex tour. But wouldn't I go to Thailand or some place like that if that were the case? She also said, "Scandinavia is not on my list", as though that fact had some relevance to my list. She wants to visit Spain and Africa. That's great for her. She can go wherever she likes. And I can go wherever I like. And I'm going to Japan. And Sweden.


Anonymous said...


some peoples children eh?

CA said...

avnjuta and enjoi!

Cosmic Dave said...

Hey Stu my boy! It's David in Cali via Berkeley! Give me a shout, matie!

Stratu said...

I understood one out of three of those comments :[