Thursday, January 31, 2008

Passport >>> Japan

I've filled out my visa application, now I only need to get a passport photo done then buy a ticket to Tokyo, or Osaka. I'm going in September. Not having been overseas since 1994, it's rather exciting. Something to look forward to, aside from the weekend, or a new Dragon Quest game.
One place I plan to visit is Mt Koya, which has an enormous cemetery on top of a mountain forest. There are paths throughout that are lit by hundreds of lanterns at night, and you can stay in a Buddhist monastery, if I understand correctly. I am hoping I can do some Zen practice, and get whacked on the shoulder with a bamboo staff by the Zen Master because I can't sit still for longer than two minutes.
I also plan to buy some schoolgirl underwear from a vending machine in Tokyo.

1 comment:

Cosmic Dave said...

Better than getting whacked on bamboo and getting staph from a Japanese school girl.