Saturday, October 27, 2007

I Love Cigarettes :]

After six cans of beer, guess what! - it's time for a double bourbon and coke. And a smoke. I like to smoke cigarettes. Speaking of which, I hear that smoking is not only addictive (which is bullshit, by the way - they are simply so enjoyable they are impossible to resist!) but can kill you. My cigarette packs tell me that I am in real danger of getting lung cancer, having a stroke, a heart attack, and that nicotine can damage my baby. I'm not even pregnant so what the fuck do they know? I also hear that my smoking can harm others. OK, so if I'm smoking and I believe all that bullshit about it being so bad for my self, do they seriously think I'm going to be worried about what it does to others?
Haw! I'm killing myself laughing!

*stumbles off bent double in hysterics for a fag*

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