Sunday, October 07, 2007

No Comment

Just so you know, it really doesn't bother me that I hardly ever get any comments here. It's because everybody else is busy with their MySpace page, where they have half a million 'friends' because they only had to press a button; or they have one of those useless and boring FaceBook pages (I know they are useless and boring because I investigated it - FaceBook is only good if you went to university and were in Theatre Sports, or the 'Glee Club', whatever that is), meanwhile the rest have LiveJournals, but those people are either dudes obsessed with discussing their latest butt plug acquisition, or chicks creating homoerotic fan art based on Japanese anime and video games.


CA said...

I feel that way sometimes when I post something on my "Tell It Like It Is," blog that I believe is really important. (Like remnding everyone that "NO MUSLIM IS OUR FRIEND AND THEY ALL WANT US DEAD!") and get few if any comments on it.

Hey, you do a good job; keep it up!

PS Sorry I wasn't at the Oktoberfest! 'wooo wooo'

Stratu said...

Thanks ca, your vote of confidence was most welcome!
As for the Muslim stuff, I'm afraid many people respond to it in the same way they might respond to a guy on a city street corner with a large cardboard placard around his neck, bellowing through a megaphone.
I guess the main thing is to keep going, staying resolutely true to our convictions and grand obsessions, and damn the torpedoes!