Monday, October 01, 2007

Small Folk

The Small Folk were in a lush green countryside. A man went to introduce himself to them. A girl accompanied him. They heard folk-ish, atmospheric music playing nearby. These Small Folk, their faces were never seen distinctly, only black, as in silhouette. They slowly arrived. They were strange, silent, seemed gentle although it struck the girl that they could be a danger in numbers. They had some kind of mysterious power.

A red dog came with them and the girl smelled the dog, a very doggy smell, but not unpleasant.

The Small Folk had been scaring people, or getting up to some kind of mischief, that's why the man went to meet with them. They were silent the whole time, and they kept moving around.

Soon they gradually melted back into the trees. The girl was overwhelmed by powerful feelings of wonder and sadness.

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