Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Videogame Mailbag

Boss is on recreation leave for two weeks so everything is cool in the office. Don't have to worry about any fits or tantrums for two weeks. It's just me and Colleague. We get along pretty well. I got two videogames in the mail today so it was a very good morning. Since I am the King of the Mailroom, I am the one who brings the big fat mailbag upstairs and gets to pour out the contents onto the long bench in front of the pigeonholes. If I ordered something and got it sent to my work I find out quickly whether or not it arrived that day, and today there were two parcels for me. I knew what they were - two videogames - Silent Hill 3 and Dragon Quest VIII. That's what I call a Good Mail Day, and since it put me in such a good mood, naturally I showed them to Colleague. First I showed her the Dragon Quest box and she said Uh, that looks like a kid's game. I didn't know what to say to that. She saw the cartoon-like characters on the box, and the bright primary colours, no wonder she thought it looked like a kid's game. But Silent Hill isn't a kid's game, that's for sure, and it could never be mistaken for one, so when I showed her the box she looked at it for a few seconds and shivered and said Ugh. That looks horrible! She must have seen one of the sick freakish creatures on the back of the box. I wanted to say more about these games to Colleague, I always want to say more, but I know it's pointless. So I just laughed and we started opening the mail.

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Aaron said...

It's been a while i guess yr enjoying the video games... See, life ain't so bad... Just kee the games comin'!