Thursday, September 06, 2007

Helicopter With Sniper

It's APEC week here in Sydney and many world leaders have arrived to discuss the pressing issues of the times. The skies over the city are almost constantly buzzing with the sound of helicopter rotors.
This afternoon in the office we heard one of these helicopters get louder and louder until it sounded like it was going to land on the roof.
I went outside to have a look. L and D were there looking up at it. I speculated that it was a SWAT team or something, and asked D what was the name of the special forces we had here, and he said SAS. He pointed at something sticking out of the side door and said it was a gun. I said it was a sniper gun for sure. On the news last night they revealed that many of the city's tallest buildings have snipers on the roof.
The helicopter hovered there for a long time and we all wondered what they were doing. D said that he heard Bush was visiting the Maritime Museum and they had probably got that museum confused with ours, and that seemed like a good guess when the helicopter finally moved off in the direction of the Maritime Museum.
It was exciting, transforming an otherwise uneventful afternoon.

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