Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Was That You, Candybar?

ES. James, was that you who said "Whee!" in my comments field the other day, or a different Simon? If it was you, did you get the Murakami book and the other stuff? I figured that you moved somewhere else and that my stuff was being gratefully received by a complete stranger (or more like thrown in the trash with a cranky "WTF?")
Anyway, whatever, and all that jazz. But if you or anybody feels an urge to write, you can email me at sstratu [at] gmail [dot] com (the Lycos account has been consigned to the pit).


kfx said...

nope, that would have been me...your polyamorous bisexual music making Canadian buddy...I just forgot to identify myself properly and used the wrong email

Stratu said...

Well I'm glad you are still dropping by, dude. And I have some news for you! Recently have been cleaning up the Batcave (an enormous, filthy operation) and I think I have uncovered the box of tapes that contains our Amiga composing exploits! So if my cassette deck still works, I will be sending you dubs shortly. [Can't wait to listen to them again myself :]