Saturday, September 15, 2007

Rejecting Islam

I was just listening to a program on Radio Netherlands' 'The State We're In' about the German group The Central Council of Ex-Muslims. This was an interesting program since I only recently learned that Muslims who renounce their faith risk execution. In fact, Islamic Sharia law states that a sane male apostate must be executed, while a female apostate may be executed or imprisoned (see also Apostasy in Islam).


sandy said...

It's strange, I've heard that Islam is a peaceful, loving religion. A sane male is executed and a female is either executed or sent to prison.

Where's the love? But I don't really consider Islam a religion. I consider it an ideology. Did I spell everything correctly?

Stratu said...

Ha ha! Yes, it appears that you spelled everything correctly, Sandy.
Look, I promise not to hassle you or anybody else about spelling ever again. It's retarded.

sandy said...

You're a good sport stratu and feel free to correct my spelin anytime.