Thursday, September 13, 2007

Sex With Daughters

A fundamentalist church pastor had sex with two of his teenage daughters for nearly ten years to educate them on how to be good wives, a South Australian court has heard. The 54-year-old man, who cannot be named, has been jailed for 8 1/2 years after pleading guilty to incest and unlawful sexual intercourse. - AAP
- from Sydney Morning Herald 31 August 2007

Opinion: These girls should consider themselves lucky they were not born into a Muslim family - let's say in Somalia, or Saudi Arabia - because, although bad enough they were used for the sexual gratification of daddy dearest, these indignities would have been shortly followed by the arrival of the girls' brothers to pass judgment upon them, to wit: these shameless FEMALE nymphomaniacs used their shapely-yet-demonic FEMININE wiles to seduce and confuse the COMPLETELY INNOCENT old patriarch into believing they were a couple of hot sluts, begging for a porking from Papa. The girls would then be summarily slaughtered, and praise Allah and his Prophet for their infinite wisdom!


sandy said...

I saw your comment on Jim's blog. Spelling be damned, you got my meaning. If you want lezzies and gay men in your government, I will be glad to let you have ours if they were mine to give.

CA said...

The Muslims give a new meaning to the term, "Stoned." That's what the girls in this article would have been; stoned to death by their own family!