Saturday, September 08, 2007

Let's Do Mail Art!

Okay look, this is the absolute coolest blog I have seen in a v. long time. Mail art! I posted something at a red mailbox this afternoon and somebody had written DO MAIL ART! YES TERRY! WILL DO MAIL ART! or something like that, I didn't have my fone so I couldn't take a foto, but got home and Googled it and Wiki'd 'mail art' and found this and have been looking at it jaw on keyboard for the last twenty minutes. It is so WONDERFUL. Does anybody wanna do this? I have an IRRESISTIBLE URGE to artify an envelope and mail it to somebody, domestically or overseas. Or you can start and I will send one back to you. Mail art me at:

PO Box 93
Paddington NSW 2021

Do it! Do it!

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