Saturday, December 10, 2005

I'm Back

Here I am, back from my holiday. Actually, I am still on holiday because I don't go back to work until Monday 19 December, and then Boss is on holiday for that week so really it's like I got three weeks holiday. Pretty cool, man.
So where was I all week? I was on the Gold Coast, up in Queensland. Brother and I went to the Gold Coast. Why do we go to the Gold Coast for a holiday? It is very hot up there and that's the place to go if you want to run around outside in the sun, and splash around in the sea, under the sun. We don't like to run around in the sun because our thermostats are busted or something. It's genetic. It comes from our mother. When it's hot I start sweating like a maniac. I'll look around and nobody else is sweating, so why the hell am I sweating? Am I guilty? Have I got something to hide? Well, everybody has got something to hide, it just looks more obvious with me because I sweat like a bastard. It's not very nice, is it? You see somebody next to you sweating like a bastard and you go 'Ugh. That bastard is sweating like a total maniac bastard!'
But why do we go there then? Well, I can't speak for Brother, but as for myself, I can't afford to go to Norway.
What was good about my holiday: Sleeping in; eating Big Chief Burgers; reading videogame magazines; playing Half-Life 2; hitting the beers, bourbon and vodka; sitting on the balcony smoking cigarettes; the big late-afternoon thunderstorm that turned the sky Apocalyptic; the other thunderstorm way out at sea so you couldn't hear it, only see the orange lightning flashes; also, when I was walking out of Oasis (the local mall) a guy dressed all in black with long hair called out to me and ran up. He said, 'You gotta come and see us in Brisbane on the 23rd!' For a while I couldn't figure out what it was all about, but then it clicked. He was a metal dude and had spotted my Nile t-shirt. I asked him what his band was called and he said Invocation. I told him I would be back in Sydney by the 23rd but if his band came down to Sydney I would go along for sure. He said 'Oh yeah, we'll probably go there next year', so that was pretty cool, it was big smiles all around.
What was not so good about my holiday: All the damn anxiety attacks I had. Being out in public really sucks sometimes, and it sucked a lot the past week. Feeling like everybody is examining you like a bug is not very fun. And it doesn't help when you are sweating like a maniac.
Anyway, it was a pretty cool holiday, and like I said I've still got another week off. Plus! When I checked my post office box this afternoon there was a package from Simon James, my Tasmanian comics friend and the very talented young man who is making comics out of my stories. A good mail day indeed! But I'll write about that tomorrow night.
And how wonderful it is to be back in my small dark room writing in my bloggy! *Blub!*

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me said...

yeah your back:) glad your hoilday seemed good. i know the feeling of feeling like being examined like a bug when your outside. its no fun. like ahhh run away..:)

yeah you missed the flogging,sigh maybe you should of vacationed in canada instead?!