Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sydney Riot City

Mr. Blowhard asked me what's up with the race riots here in Sydney. Here it is as I understand it:
Two surf lifesavers on Cronulla Beach (a south Sydney suburb) were bashed by some Lebanese dudes which started a riot where hundreds of proud white Aryans ran through the streets searching for anybody who looked even remotely Middle Eastern to bash the fuck out of. No doubt the whole War on Terror thing and those bad egg Muslims didn't help the situation.
But of course there's more to it than that.
On Friday and Saturday nights we'd get carloads of these Lebanese dudes (are they ALL Lebanese? apparently...) coming into the city from the western suburbs and driving through, out to Bondi Beach. I had my own encounter with one of these carloads of obnoxious tracksuits since where I live is just off Oxford Sreet, which is the street you take to get out to Bondi Beach. I was going up to get more beer from the pub on the other side of Oxford Street. I was waiting for the lights to change and so were the cars. The car right in front of me was full of these young Leb dudes and they were all staring at me. Some awful modern R'n'B was booming out of the car and they were all wearing tracksuits. Oh well, so they have appalling taste. That's their problem. But as soon as the light turned green the guy in the front passenger side spat in my direction, shouted 'FUCKING FAGGOT!' and the car sped off. What the fuck? ... Ah! You see, the area where I live is a gay-friendly zone. That was it: they thought I was a homo. It was funny though, in a way, because they probably all sit around watching porn looking at each other as they crank their Lebanese sausages.
Anyway, I also had another recent experience with these dudes. A couple of months ago when Anders and I went to Bondi Junction to work at one of Brother's club nights, it was shut down by the cops before it even started, so we headed back to my place. But as we were walking to the bus stop, there were some young raver girls on the corner, sitting on the ground giggling at one another, and naturally they were dressed for a rave party. Short skirts, hot pants, boob tubes, that kind of gear. But this car bursting at the seams with macho Leb honchos cruised past. The girls were pelted with a half-full McDonald's thickshake cup and loudly called 'SLUTS!' As my friend Anders said, these guys are very protective of their own *slutty* sisters, but when they see other girls who look like that, it's a potential fucking rape zone.
Anyway, so these Leb dudes would go out to Bondi Beach. God knows what they did out there, probably drive their cars up and down Campbell Parade looking for hot chicks to shout at and call sluts. But it seems they wore out their welcome at Bondi and were somehow persuaded to stay the hell away, so they just moved down to the southern beaches, like Cronulla and Maroubra. Apparently they have been raising hell there for the last few years and people have been getting pretty damn sick of it, but beating up those two surf lifesavers was the last straw. Surf lifesavers are an Aussie icon, you know!
One of the problems seems to be the way these dudes are brought up in regards to the womenfolk. Their women are kept locked up in closets and have tents draped over them when they go out, so if they see a woman in hot pants with boobs almost popping out, it's a big blazing neon sign invitation for rape. The bitch deserves it anyway for sure, right? Pull your big stupid car up with the dumb sleazy R'n'B music pumping out at a million decibels, jump out with your retarded as fuck tracksuit-wearing mates and jump on the bitch, rip her barely-even-there-anyway clothes off and pump her full of Lebanese sausage and creamy garlic sauce. The louder she screams, the more she likes it, the fuckin' white trash bitch. Ugh. Ugh! UGH!
Well, there you have it. It's an ugly business, no doubt about it. But are all Lebs like this? They couldn't be! But no doubt there is enough of them making arseholes of themselves to piss people off in a big we're-not-gonna-take-it-anymore kind of way. Riots? We don't have riots here. We watch riots on TV. The Aussie philosophy is 'she'll be right, mate' and 'no fuckin' worries'. We don't go crazy like that for no reason. And forget anything you have heard about it being a white supremacist action. Sure we have those groups here, but they are pissing in the toddler's pool, as it were; nobody is listening.
Look, really I am just as amazed and confused by this riot action as anybody else, and especially as it's going on here. It's crazy, man. But what the fuck am I doing writing topical shit for anyway? I don't do topical shit!

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