Thursday, December 01, 2005

A Survey of Some Recent Blogs X

I wanted to do this last night when it was still November but Anders came over and we drank beer and listened to music and I played some Onimusha 3: Demon Siege and Anders looked up sodium on the internet because I thought these little cans of tuna I have been eating were healthy but he noted the sodium content and found out that one of them, the Cajun Spices one, had as much salt in it as a packet of salt and vinegar chips. That was very depressing news and, in short, it shattered my illusions.
Anyway, let's take a peep at some recent blogs, what do you say?

1. Zeeny's Playground - a blog by a Romanian girl. Hm. Not bad, pretty good, not bad. Some nice photos; yes, it does appear that Zeeny likes taking photos, and she takes some very nice ones. What's more, she can put words together in an appealing way. Look here! I can't think of a single smart-arse thing to write about Zeeny's blog! Indeed, this is what this bloggy business is all about. Hurrah! for the Romanians!
2. Neo Tokyo Times - This is actually a blog by an NYU law student, so why is it called Neo Tokyo Times? I don't know, maybe he or she is an Akira fan. Is this person a boy or a girl? My guess is a girl because she uses the word *froofy*. Ugh. Well, but this blog is not easy to make fun of. What's going on here? The blog is not great, but it's not terrible. It's not awful, but neither does it make you jump up and shout goddam I must bookmark this thing immediately! Yet, the more I read it, the more annoying it gets! Why is that! Did you have the same experience? Is it only me?
3. Overseas- England - A teacher talks about decorating a Christmas tree and says 'goodness!' or 'my goodness!' all the time. I must be brutally honest and admit that this one seems like it was written by a robot. It is deadly dull. Ugh. Reading it makes me want to jab pins in my arm. And what the hell is going on with the stupid title anyway?
4. The Busybody - Holy Christ, some truly hardcore theology right here. You want some? I don't. I'll admit this makes my head hurt. I want no part of it. Theology robots!
5. Archtomato - Wow. How about this one. Archtomato gets the award for Most Unlikeable Blogger I've ever come across. Not only did he write a thoroughly mean-spirited anti-smoking top ten, but he also gloats about Nguyen Tuong Van, the Vietnamese Australian, going to the hangman tomorrow morning. Arsehole Blogger of the Year! For shame.
6. Jean Smith Paintings - Hey! Here's some paintings you can buy! I like the one with the cowboy saying: 'We're here now. Everything is ours. Too bad for you.' There's also a photograph of the artist, Jean Smith herself. Her facial expression seems to say, 'Will somebody buy one of my goddam paintings, already!'
7. S2 Naty S2 - Only one post and I can't even read it. Looks like Spanish. Or Portuguese. Stupid title, too. Off to an appallingly bad start!
8. Gatas do Flickr - Hey, look here. It's a sort of porno blog, but not hardcore, softcore. Actually, it's got some fetish elements too: women lying on motorcycles, showing their toes, flipping the bird, wrapped in plastic; some very nice photographs. Yes, sir, I do like this one!
9. Ozarkrain - This here is a blog written by a woman who has young kids and she's trying to grow them up in the Christian way. Yes, it's a Christian blog mostly featuring quotes taken from various Christian-themed books, along with the Bible. I have no smart-arse comments to make on this one. I had my own time trying to write about this stuff, and it's not easy!
10. NYC Taxi Shots 4 - This one is pretty interesting, and another example of what blogs are really all about. A taxi driver takes photos of people and things as he drives around the city. Pretty cool.

That's it. The end! Hard to believe there was not even one rotten adblog in this Survey. Maybe my campaign has been successful and those evil robots have realised that their brand of foul pollution is (to understate it) unwelcome. Ha! That will be the day!


Archtomato said...

Thank u for visiting ... and the Arsehole blogger of the year is extremely motivating.

U have a nice blog too. Many more good moments to come.

ps: I believe in the conseqences of our actions. i think im unlikeable coz my werds are too blatant.

zeeny said...

oh, come on... not 1 single smart-ass thing to say? :))

thanks for putting me in the spotlight.. i thought people were looking at me weird lately.. :P

Archtomato said...

Zeeny => he saved the commenst for me :>