Saturday, February 11, 2006


My room is dark, even though behind the black curtains it's a sunny day. I can see through those curtains, sun shining on leaves and reflecting off a window on the apartment block across from mine. But that sunny day may as well be some other place. It doesn't seem like it's only outside my door. There is little light in my room, always, it doesn't matter if it's midnight or a summer afternoon like this one. I joke about it and call it The Darkroom, or The Batcave. Sometimes somebody will make a suggestion that I open the curtains, but that's the last thing I want to do. I get enough sunlight when I have to leave my room. Anyway, it's better with low light. But somebody will say I need more light because when you read, if you have this low light, your eyesight will be affected. But that's not true, I always suspected it wasn't true, and I heard on the radio the other day that it doesn't matter if you read with low light, your eyesight will not be affected. I won't let anybody make me throw the curtains open. I won't take their advice. They probably only say it because they feel uncomfortable in the gloom, or scared of the dark, want the light to come in, and they don't really care about my eyesight, after all.
Ha, ha! I'm onto them!


CA said...

There's something I noticed about low light once some years ago when the advent of bad weather in my area caused the electricity to go out for a couple of days.

The first time it happened I didn't have any battery powered lights as backups, only candles. I needed to make out my log book (I was a truck driver) and dreaded to attempt it by the light of candles. However, I found that, after sitting and trying to read by the low light for a short while, my eyes grew accustomed to the low light and I read my log book effortlessly, almost as if the light were bright. Try it.

Anonymous said...

For the love of Christ, open the Goddamn curtains!