Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Only Drawings

Here is a link to those Danish cartoons.

In the Sydney Morning Herald today, there was an editorial that addressed this cartoon business. This was the conclusion: "The most effective response may be to see the cartoons for what they are: crude, poorly drawn, not funny and undeserving of such attention."

Oh yeah? That is what they are, eh?
Bullshit. What a ridiculous statement!
Are they crude? Who says? This idiot?
Are they poorly drawn? No, they are not. I see editorial cartoons in the newspaper every day and there is hardly any difference. To say that those Muhammad cartoons are poorly drawn is a bullshit statement.
Are they not funny? The one with Muhammad's eyes blocked out whereas only the eyes of the women are visible was not only funny, but clever. The "Stop stop! We ran out of virgins!" one is very funny if you know about the 72 virgins that suicide bombers (or *martyrs*) are supposed to get upon being admitted to paradise. The guy huddled over the drawing board trying to hide the fact that he is drawing Muhammad is funny when you know that you could be killed for doing such a seemingly innocuous thing. In fact, in context, it's funny in a very grim way, because of the beliefs and recent actions of these savages (eg. the murder of the Dutch documentary maker Theo van Gogh).
To say they are "not funny" is not only purely subjective, but seems to come from the same mindset as the idiot savages who are offended to such an extremity by these cartoons, they are going out fire-bombing Dutch embassys and calling for the beheading of the cartoonists.

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D3HUM8N1Z3R said...

That "Stop! We ran out of virgins!" cartoon is really funny. It's amazing how people react to a drawing. Belgian cartoonist Kamagurka made a Muhammed Mouse cartoon for the editorial staff but didn't want to publish it in the magazine he works for because he doesn't want Belgian tourists to be shot dead as revenge for a drawing he made.