Monday, February 20, 2006

Humourless Muslim Retards

Those nutso Muslims are still behaving like idiot savages over those Danish cartoons. The latest (yet unsurprising) development is that some cretinous Pakistani cleric has offered $US1 million to any Muslim psycho who kills Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard. (Read the news item here.)
Can you think of any group of people with a bigger chip on their shoulder than these hysterical Muslim retards? I can't.
Can you think of a more humourless bunch of self-righteous jerks? No, I can't either.
Can you think of a bigger bunch of goddam hypocrites?
I'm drawing a blank.

I got the above cartoon from Just Another Blowhard, who got it from The Pit of Penultimate Darkness - two blogs worth a visit for sure.


Tom said...

at least Salman Rushdie's not in the hot seat anymore...

J C said...

Thanks for the links. Blowhard and the Pit are on my blog list now!

Good post!