Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Cockroach Terror

Because it's summer here, naturally I sit here in bare feet. Bare feet on the floor. No problem. But the other night when I was sitting here with my bare feet on the floor, I felt a tickling sensation, down there, on the feet, which quickly moved up to the ankle zone, and around a bit, then up a bit. When I pushed back in the chair, gave my leg a shake and looked down I saw an enormous cockroach. I damn near threw a fit, in fact it was a very good approximation of one; a full body jerk that must have come close to snapping my neck, but at least it got that cockroach off. That big bastard was probably as horrified as I was, to find himself climbing around on a living creature, many dozens of times larger than he. But it shook the hell out of me, and now I can't put my damn feet on the floor for this new phobia. Luckily my chair has those metal arms (that the four wheels branch off) and I can put them there, at least until I get over it. (Which probably won't be until next summer.)


BixBloc said...

...I've heard cockroaches like the dark, So...OPEN YOUR CURTAINS !!!

me said...

eep scary and yes light will scare them off as well.