Saturday, February 11, 2006

Solitary Play

'I got to see The Book, a giant tome of psychology reports some six inches thick, containing what amounted to racial profiling of children around the world. Children in South America are more likely to play outside; German kids like playing with mechanical things earlier, and so on. When I turned to the Japanese section, two words jumped out at me: "solitary play."'
'Some modern anime seem made specifically for viewers that are not part of any community, solitary shut-ins with few if any friends.'

- Jonathan Clements, anime and manga translator, voice actor, scriptwriter [Newtype USA Jan 2006]

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Anonymous said...

Solitary play, eh? I liked the comment about German kids playing with mechanical things. Let's forget about the stereotypes for the moment, and concentrate instead on sexual innuendo, as you have (for which I'm appreciative). Little Hans and Greta are experimenting with Mutter's 3-speed dildo, and I hope they aren't caught.