Monday, February 27, 2006

Silent Hill

On TV there is a desolate landscape swamped in fog. It reminds me of Silent Hill.
In Silent Hill you can barely see your hands in front of your face, and that's not good when there are demons lurching around the streets. Are they really demons? They look like they were once human, like the nurses, but the nurses, their heads hang from their necks at a wrong angle, and snap around in a sickening arc with every step. The nurses carry long metal bars, and when they get close enough they try to hurt me very badly with them.
There are also legs on top of legs. Does that sound strange? They look strange. They walk on two legs, but from the waist up, rather than a regular torso with arms and a head, there are two legs, bent forward at the knees and waving like arms. It looks like a nightmare 'X'. When those things get close enough they try to strangle me with their wrong legs.
Then there are the creatures in straitjackets. Or are they just hooded sweatshirts? The way they twist and jerk when they move, when I first saw them, made me think half their limbs were dislocated, and they were wearing straitjackets. When I first saw them, I didn't think they could do much, restricted as they were by the straitjacket, but when I got close they vomited green acid on me. It stung like hell, so I had to have a Health Drink. But the sound they made turns my flesh cold even now to recall it. But that is nothing to the sound they made when I hit the first one with a crowbar - the only weapon I had at the time. It dropped to the ground, twisting and jerking away like some enormous crippled insect, making a sound like metal scraping on metal, echoing back through a tunnel from Hell.
And this fog is all around.

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