Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bathroom Hole

You are in your room and it's late at night. You hear weird scraping sounds coming from your bathroom. You live alone, so there's not supposed to be anybody in your bathroom, much less somebody making weird scraping sounds. What the hell is it? You feel the skin on your scalp tighten and hear a low buzzing in your ears. The bathroom door is closed and you take a hesitant step toward it. The sounds get louder. They are definitely coming from your bathroom. There's somebody in there, somebody who shouldn't be there. You don't seem to be in control of yourself any more as you take the final step to the bathroom door and shove it open. There's nobody in there after all. But there's a big, roughly made hole in the wall, just large enough for a body to crawl through. And from its depths you hear the echoes of a woman sobbing.


aaron kim said...

awesome, all silent hill like.
i was just browsing through peoples blogs and yours is pretty interesting and freaky. thats a cool mix.
oh yeah,.. going back to silent hill; with games like sh coming out, it seems more and more likely that video games will be the next story-telling medium.

me said...

is there really a hole in your bathroom? or is this a story/dream? hmmm...

Stratu said...

aaron: thanks a lot, i'm glad you like it. and yeah, video games can be just as awesome and wonderful and compelling as any other medium, be it film or literature or whatever. video games get a bad rap, but so did every other new 'entertainment'.

me: ha ha, no, that hole wasn't in my bathroom. i'm sure i wouldn't still be here if it was.
actually, it was a scene from Silent Hill 4.