Thursday, April 27, 2006

Chips And Dips

He's fucked up on codeine again. The problem is it's so easy to get and you can buy big fat packs of 48 for $9.95. These are PAINKILLERS. You take them when you want to kill the pain. Take a few, some of the pain is killed. Take a few more, and more of the pain is killed. Take a few more after that and the pain becomes a different kind of pain. Keep taking them more and more day after day and before you know it it's like the old smack days, only milder, and much cheaper. But what the hell does this stuff in large and prolonged doses do to your guts? Whenever he walks into the pharmacist and asks for a big fat pack of panas they ask him,
You ever had these before?
You know you gotta eat before you take 'em?
Yep yep, I know that.
But that's where it gets tricky. You gotta make sure you have stuff to eat so when you pop another handfull you can do it without worrying that they gonna eat your guts like termites. So, he's got plenty of chips and dips. Oh yeah, he makes sure of that.

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